In September 2020, HRWC welcomed Eric Robinson to the team. Eric is contributing to our watershed management planning efforts and new green stormwater infrastructure program. He will also be a part of our 2021 field data collection team and participate in the planning for the removal of Peninsular Dam.Eric Robinson

Beginning a new job in the middle of a pandemic is no small feat, but Eric has proven up to the challenge. So far, Eric has co-created a project concept and written a grant proposal, delivered virtual trainings to future rain gardeners, developed and explored green infrastructure project strategies, made a short film, and even planned HRWC’s staff holiday social event (Jeopardy, if you were curious).

Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in environmental science with a concentration in hydrology from Eastern Michigan University. He also worked on stormwater projects for the City of Ann Arbor and is a certified Master Rain Gardener. We first met Eric when he volunteered for HRWC in 2015. In 2017, he spent a summer on our field data collection team, where he was highly regarded by both staff and fellow interns for his competency and leadership.

Eric is with us on a two-year fellowship with generous support from the DTE Foundation, which aims to launch promising recent graduates into fruitful careers in natural resource management and the environment.

This blog post was originally published March 1st in the Huron River Report, Spring 2021.