Portage Creek residents learn lake-friendly shoreline stabilization techniques

The Portage Creek Watershed Advisory Group and HRWC just completed the Watershed Management Plan for Portage Creek, also known as Hell Creek, one of the two largest tributaries to the Huron River. The Plan is available for download here by section.

Portage Creek, tucked in a corner of the Huron River watershed, is easily one of the region’s prettiest and healthiest tributaries thanks to the extensive natural areas that protect it from human activities. Read more about this fine creek. The Plan assesses the current condition of freshwater resources, identifies current and future threats to those resources, sets goals for watershed management, and presents a strategy for implementing recommended management practices.

The Plan has been submitted to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment for a 90-day review to be sure that it meets state and federal requirements as a plan that can be eligible for funding through the federal Clean Water Act. Once approved, local governments, local nonprofit organizations, tribes, local school systems, colleges and universities can apply for grant funding to implement the priority activities of the Plan.

The last meeting of the Watershed Advisory Group during this planning phase will be held on Tuesday, March 2nd at 9:30 AM at Unadilla Township Hall, 126 Webb Street, Gregory, MI. A main topic of discussion will concern moving from planning to implementing the Plan. The public is invited to attend.