Across the Huron River Watershed, there are many teachers and educators who bring their students to nearby creeks and rivers for hands-on experiential learning. These students are collecting a wealth of information on the health of our water resources.  HRWC thinks it would it be great to put that data to use.

We have developed a database in which teachers can enter their students’ information on habitat, water chemistry, and macroinvertebrates. This database can serve as long term storage to compare results between years, or to see what other teachers and students have found in different areas of the watershed. Once we have enough data and locations, teachers can have a ready made set of data to hand to their students for a variety of analyses. And of course, the Watershed Council is always interested in learning more about the health of our rivers and creeks, whether this information comes from students, volunteers, or professionals.

This effort is just being launched, so there isn’t much in the database yet, but we hope that every hands-on teacher out there will contribute and make this is a great resource for each other as well as the Watershed Council.

Go here to both share and use this water quality information.