Eurasian water milfoil

Yes, aliens are in our midst!

“Aliens” is how we refer to aquatic invasive plants, which are encroaching the Great Lakes and the Huron River, it’s tributaries and lakes.  Eurasian water milfoil and other invasive plants  clog boat propellers, gunk up swimming beaches, crowd out plant life that native fish and many aquatic animals rely on, and just generally ruin a beautiful lake.  Check out this Aquatic Invasive Plant photo sheet online or drop by the HRWC office to pick one up — you can be on the front line taking action to keeping our lakes, streams, and the river free from alien invasion.

Early detection is key to keeping invasive species out of our waters.  If you can find a plant before it becomes established throughout the lake, we can prevent the further spread of the plant, which is much easier, cheaper, and effective. It is virtually impossible to remove the plants once they are established.

Luckily, HRWC has a program you can join to become an early detector – part of the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program is the Aquatic Exotic Plant Watch – you can join and help keep our waters clear.

For more information about invasive plants, check out the Midwest Invasive Plant Network.