We have an HRWC shout-out for Hannah Hu, a Logan Elementary student who is the Michigan representative for the Doodle 4 Google contest going on now. You can vote HERE.

Ocean Cleaner Google Doodle
Hannah Hu’s “Ocean Cleaner”

Google’s challenge to students? “If I could invent one thing to make the world a better place…” Hannah’s entry is an Ocean Cleaner (pictured below). Here’s what she had to say on the Google 4 Doodle contest page:

“The Machine that I invented to make the world a better place is an ocean cleaner. It helps to clean the trash and pollution that people put into the ocean, and releases fresh and clean ocean water. So the animals that live in the ocean can be very happy, healthy, and strong.”

The winner of the Google 4 Doodle contest will receive a $30,000 scholarship and $50,000 technology grant for their school. So tell all your friends to vote for Hannah’s terrific doodle.

We are all about clean water here at HRWC! Maybe Hannah can invent a smaller version for rivers?