Volunteers Magda Herkoff and Mike Chisholm grab a bucket sample from Allens Creek for the Middle Huron Monitoring Program

One of the sure signs of Spring is here — and early this year! On Saturday, over 30 volunteers will get trained to participate in HRWC’s Water Quality Monitoring Program. The volunteers will learn how to measure the flow and scientifically sample the water from tributaries in Livingston and Washtenaw Counties. Samples are then analysed by labs at the City of Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant and City of Brighton Waste Water Treatment Plant for key components such as phosphorus, sediments and bacteria. We use this data to better understand where pollutants are coming from and how effective actions by HRWC, partner communities and individuals have been at reducing these pollutants.

So far, the results have been good. Several key tributaries were identified for needed stormwater projects. Phosphorus has decreased since 2003 (when the program began), and more so in tributaries where investments have been made to improve stormwater infrastructure and reduce pollutant sources. New results are just coming in  for Livingston sites (most sites just started getting sampled last year), and monitoring in 2010 should help identify issues in that part of the watershed.

If you are planning to join Saturday’s training, please be aware that the location has been moved to Green Oak Township Hall. If you have not yet registered for the program, please do so before attending the training. We look forward to seeing you at the training Saturday and in the water this Spring and Summer.