Volunteers Magda Herkoff and Mike Chisholm grab a bucket sample from Allens Creek for the Water Quality Monitoring Program

HRWC’s Water Quality Monitoring Program begins the 2012 season.

A sure sign of Spring is here — and early again this year! In a few weeks, a large group of volunteers will undergo training for HRWC’s Water Quality Monitoring Program. Volunteers will learn how to measure flow and scientifically sample the water from tributaries in Livingston, Washtenaw and Wayne Counties. Labs at the City of Brighton Waste Water Treatment Plant, City of Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant and Ypsilanti Community Utility Authority will analyse the samples for key components such as phosphorus, sediments and bacteria.

We use this data to better understand where pollutants are coming from and to determine if HRWC, partner communities and individuals have been effective at reducing these pollutants. Last year’s results helped develop targeted plans to reduce pollution.  HRWC identified several key tributaries for needed stormwater projects.

Further, the results have been good. Phosphorus has decreased since 2003 (when the program began), and more so in tributaries where investments have been made to improve stormwater infrastructure and reduce pollutant sources. Water quality also appears to be improving and in good condition in Livingston County and some indicators are improving in the Lower Huron. Many problems such as altered hydrology persist, however. See the Water Quality Monitoring Program page for more detail on past results.

Please consider joining the effort!

Training will take place on two dates:

  • March 22, at 6pm in Wayne, MI; and
  • March 24, at 1pm in Ann Arbor.

Click here to register for the program and sign up for one of the training dates.

We look forward to seeing you at a training and in the water this Spring and Summer.