On your mark, get set, PULL!  The Stewardship Network’s 2010 Garlic Mustard Challenge is now underway, beginning today April 14th!

2010 Garlic Mustard Challenge
April 14th, 2010 – July 9th, 2010
Anywhere that garlic mustard is invasive
What: Collectively pull 150,000 lbs of garlic mustard by July 9th
Who: You!  Participate in your own backyard, on a beloved nearby natural area, with friends, with volunteers, with a paid grounds crew, with a school group. Anyone can participate and there are many ways of becoming involved!
How: Click here to report bags or pounds of pulled garlic mustard

What is the Garlic Mustard Challenge?
The Challenge is a collaborative program geared towards restoring and protecting native ecosystems in natural areas, particularly in the Great Lakes Region.  Began in 2008, the Challenge encourages people to get out on the land and steward their natural areas in a fun and engaging way!  The project hopes to promote active land management, education regarding garlic mustard, and the importance of ongoing stewardship. 


Started in 2008, the Challenge has now recorded almost 300,000 lbs of pulled garlic mustard (128,000 in Spring 2008 and 158,000 in Spring 2009)!  To further engage the competitive spirit, the Stewardship Network awards each year the Cluster, or Out-Of-Cluster Area, that has recorded the most pulled garlic mustard with the Cluster Cup.  The 2008 winner was the West Michigan Cluster with 35,500 lbs and the 2009 winner was the Huron Arbor Cluster with 36,300 lbs…. who will it be in 2010?  

Please check out all of the resources available to you this Garlic Mustard Challenge!  If you are looking to host a garlic mustard pull, we have a handful of support materials for you to use including a garlic mustard powerpoint, video, and handouts all available on the Stewardship Network website.