The wavy-rayed lamp mussel (photo credit: J.D. Grabarkiewicz)

As part of your Earth Day Week, join Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation and the Saline River Greenways Alliance for the following presentation!

Presenter: Todd Crail, Naturalist and PhD Student at the University of Toledo

Come and learn about the secret lives of North American mussels. While there are approximately 300 species of these mussels on the North American continent, over 70 percent are listed as “Of Concern”. This includes the local star of Mr. Crail’s show, the snuffbox, which is the only member of a 22 species genus that is not Federally Endangered or Extinct. In spite of its amazing life history, this mussel is listed as Endangered in Michigan, and is now threatened by expansion of the European zebra and quagga mussels. Learn about the other species, and all the factors that play into the success or demise of these unique organisms among North America’s aquatic fauna.

Date: Tuesday, April 20th , at 7 p.m.
Location: Milan Middle School
920 North St.
Milan, MI 48160-1199

For more information this presentation: Call 734-971-6337, X334 or email

For more information about why mussels are so important, check out this National Geographic blog.