Laurie & Ron Jeffries

Part 2 of 5: Jolly Pumpkin’s Hummocky Lick

Last week at Wolverine Brewing was super sweet!!! Wire in the Wood played an amazing set, ET and Oliver were superb hosts, and many new and old supporters had a great time. 69 Brew Passports are out there, we hope they all get turned in five weeks from now!

This week, we’re quite excited to visit the amazing folks at Jolly Pumpkin. Join us on Thursday, August 16 at 5:00pm. JP is located at 311 South Main Street, between Liberty and William. Ron and Laurie Jeffries, Brewmaster and General Director, along with Maggie Long, Executive Chef, will be showcasing their local artisan foods and brews. Ron specializes in open-fermented, oak-barrel aged, artisan beers. Often referred to as sour beers, due to their uniquely crisp and tangy aspects, these beers utilize specialty yeasts and long maturation processes. This is definitely the place I bring my friends who enjoy unique/local foods, as well as folks who love experiencing new and complex tastes and aromas!

Ron has crafted this year’s Hummocky Lick Sumac Sensation, which was named for a great little Huron River headwater creek, and two Michigan staples. As Ron notes, “Hummocky Lick starts light and grassy as a breezy field of spring wheat, turns lightly sour and tart with cherries, and finishes with a hint of clove and tamarind from the friendly sumac berry”.

For some fun info about this Hummocky Lick mashup see this pdf.

Hope to see you on Thursday!