Enjoy our new video featuring the places and faces behind the booming river-based economy

We’re pleased to share with you the release of our latest mini-documentary video “The Blue Economy of the Huron River.” This most recent collaboration with 7Cylinders Studio – the fifth in the RiverUp! series – highlights local business owners who invest in the Trail Towns on the Huron River Water Trail and depend upon a clean, healthy river for their livelihoods. Hear from entrepreneurs like Mike Schultz, Alisa Maul, Todd Taylor, and Ryan Wiltse who share their reasons for locating their businesses near the river.

The video ties into the recent collaboration between HRWC and Grand Valley State University that produced a unique study to measure the economic impact of the river on local communities. “The Economic Impact of the Huron River” focuses on the Huron River Water Trail activities and the value of natural systems that maintain a healthy Huron. A key takeaway from the study is that the Huron River contributes enormous benefit to the local economy. To read the summary and full study, check out this blog from the fall.


Produced by 7 Cylinders Studio

Director: Donald Harrison

Editing: David Camlin

Post-production: David Camlin

Camera & Audio: Donald Harrison

Featuring: Elizabeth Riggs, Todd Taylor, Alisa Maul, Anne Brown, Mike Schultz, Ryan Wiltse

Appearances by: Cheryl Saam, Mary Thiefels, Lavinia Hanuchiuc, Tom Ouvry, Michael Last