Lead Your Community

By getting involved in your community’s decision-making YOU CAN HELP preserve land and reduce sprawl.

Urge your local board or council to adopt policies that:

  • Encourage compact developments in areas with existing services like utilities, roads, and schools.
  • Preserve natural areas and farmland.

Participate  in the master plan revision process. Communities must revise their master plan every 5 years and are required by law to involve the public in that process.

Comment on possible zoning ordinance amendments. Zoning ordinance amendments require time for public participation and comment. Many communities have established citizen groups that help them identify ordinances and ordinance amendments to improve their land use planning decisions. Offer to participate in or start such a group in your community.

Comment on specific developments during a site plan review session. Voice concerns you may have about the development’s impact on wetlands and other natural features in your community. Encourage designs that use land efficiently and employ effective ways to treat water runoff.

Read HRWC’s  Citizen’s Guide To Land Use Planning, your guide to helping your community enact watershed friendly practices.

Learn more about the roles that various branches of government have regarding our home waters

The political and legal jurisdictions for the Huron River and its tributaries, riparian zones, and adjacent lands are controlled by federal and state laws, county and township ordinances, and town and village by-laws.

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