Plant a Rain Garden

Rain gardens slow the flow of stormwater that enters our streams and lakes.

Rain gardens are beautiful landscaping features that capture, hold and soak in runoff from storms. They are specifically designed for areas where rain water habitually pools or to which it is deliberately channeled. Their loose, deep soils and deep-rooted native plants absorb water and filter pollutants.

Rain Gardens are low maintenance, drought tolerant and environmentally friendly. They beautify your property and your neighborhood. They help keep water away from your home’s foundation. They can be designed as a manicured formal garden or you can create a more natural cottagey look. You can choose plants that purposely attract butterflies and other wildlife.

For those who live in Ann Arbor, you can earn a stormwater rate credit with the installation of a rain garden on your property.

Local Resources

Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner. Is a partner in HRWC’s Green Infrastructure in Swift Run and Millers Creek Rainwater projects. Its rain garden program offers free design and implementation help to homeowners. Even for the do-it-yourselfer, its website is loaded with good how-to information including lots of photos, site designs and plant lists.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Has a downloadable version of “Landscaping for Water Quality” a 50 page guide for understanding the concepts and applying garden designs for improving Michigan’s water quality through landscaping practices. It provides detailed how-to information including site designs and plant lists.

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