Climate change projections for the Huron River area include more severe floods followed by more severe droughts

We’re pretty concerned about how a changing climate is affecting the watershed, and all of the Great Lakes basin. Check out our special edition of the Huron River Report on climate change for more details.

The apparent decision by the Senate to not bring up comprehensive climate and energy legislation this year is a huge blow to our efforts to address pollutants implicated in climate change.

Big polluters and their lobbyists spent a staggering $514 million over the last 18 months to defeat climate legislation, according to the Environmental Defense Action Fund.

Now, some U.S. Senators are working with big polluters to undermine EPA’s ability to take action under the Clean Air Act to cut America’s climate pollution.

We need your help to stand up to this assault on our environment, our freshwater and public health.

Please take action: Email your Senators to oppose the attack on the Clean Air Act.

  • Senator Carl Levin – (202) 224-6221
  • Senator Debbie Stabenow (202) 224-4822
  • Link to Environmental Defense Fund’s Web site, which will guide you with some suggested talking points.