We support ambitious goals!

When I decided to join the HRWC staff eight years ago, it was born from a desire to consider the implications of climate change for river protection. The organization recognized then that natural resources were being uniquely impacted by this growing threat, and that this required new data, new strategies and a new definition of success.

Today, HRWC invests in strategies that prepare the river for new climatic conditions. A resilient river system is one that is strong to begin with. Habitat restoration, dam removal and riparian and wetland protection will lead to a Huron that can recover from periodic large floods, drought or high water temperatures.

At the same time, we emphasize solutions that both improve water quality and capture carbon or reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, protecting natural lands in the watershed is a win for both water quality and climate change mitigation. Trees capture and store carbon, reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that cause climate change. This “natural solution” to climate change is one of the most powerful we have in our toolbox of options and it needs to be given the weight it deserves, alongside energy and technology solutions.

HRWC has been at the forefront of efforts to adapt to and mitigate climate change, and supports the City of Ann Arbor in its completion of an ambitious and precedent setting plan that would achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Cities across the globe are setting similar goals, including Ypsilanti, and this is essential to protecting natural systems including the Huron River.

Please voice your support for Ann Arbor’s Carbon Neutrality Plan by April 20th!

Ann Arbor’s Carbon Neutrality Plan stills needs to be adopted by City Council and funding allocated. No matter where you live, you can sign a petition to support the adoption of this plan. If you are an Ann Arbor resident, voice support for the plan to your city council representative or provide e-comment before the council vote on April 20th.

Making your voice heard now at this critical moment is important and will contribute to the resiliency of the Huron River and clean water.

Thank you. For the River.

HRWC is a member of the Ann Arbor Climate Partnership, a coalition of organizations and people working to end the climate crisis, with action in our community and throughout the world.

To learn more about climate change and the Huron River, check out HRWC’s recent blog, “Waterlogged, High water tables, high flows and climate change” and more.