Millers Creek Study Map
Map showing Millers Creek study area. Credit: City of Ann Arbor

Public Meeting, Monday, September 10, 7pm, Ann Arbor City Hall

In 2002, HRWC worked with partners to study severe erosion issues and recommend actions to restore the creek. The result was the Millers Creek Improvement Plan. The plan was recognized by the U.S. EPA as a model of an effective and complete plan. It made numerous recommendations for remediation and restoration, most of which focused on addressing the flashy flows. Many recommendations were implemented in a targeted neighborhood through the Millers Creek Rainwater Project.

The plan did not make recommendations to address the sediment that has been accumulating at the downstream portion of the creek, particularly in the City of Ann Arbor’s Ruthven Park. Sediment accumulation led to alteration of stream flow and periodic flooding across Geddes Road at Millers’ confluence with the Huron in Geddes Pond.

The City of Ann Arbor engaged Environmental Consulting and Technology, Inc. to characterize and and quantify the sediment accumulation and make recommendations for management in Ruthven Park. The consultants and city staff are hosting an initial public meeting on Monday, September 10 at 7 pm at the City Hall. To hear more about what they have learned thus far and what they are planning to do, or to get your questions answered, see the City’s press release and join me at the meeting!