Stormwater treatment wetland at Doyle Park (credit: CDM)

Mary Beth Doyle Park and Wetland Preserve has been selected for an award “for innovation and excellence” at this Winter’s Michigan Association of County Drain Commissioners conference.

Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner Janis Bobrin worked closely with the City of Ann Arbor, Pittsfield Township, and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to obtain grants to assist with the design and construction of the 15-acre Wetland Preserve.   The Wetland Preserve is designed to help reduce flooding and improve water quality within Malletts Creek and provides opportunities for wildlife viewing throughout the year.

The Park and Wetland Preserve includes a maintainable sediment capture pool, low flow channel, extended detention wetland, and a higher quality mitigation wetland. It provides first flush water quality treatment for eight square miles of upstream urban runoff, reduces downstream velocities and maintains the pre-existing flood control function need to protect downstream properties. Construction included removal and disposal of 33,000 cubic yd of contaminated sediment. These innovations are expected to reduce 980 lbs/yr of phosphorus from Malletts Creek to the Huron River.

This Ann Arbor park encompasses 80 acres of parkland with many recreational opportunities including boardwalk trails along Malletts Creek and through wooded areas. Be sure to check out the park soon!