The White Ravens celebrate the release of their new CD with a fundraiser for HRWC!Saddle Up The Whales by White Ravens

Sat, September 29, 9pm
Woodruff’s, 36 East Cross Street,
Ypsilanti, 18 and over, $5 cover.

Local indie pop-rock band, The White Ravens, is hosting a CD Release Party for their third CD, Saddle Up The Whales.  The band will donate profits from their portion of ticket sales to HRWC.  Also featured are popular local pop-rock bands, The Boys Themselves and The Greatest Hits.  Special guest, The Violin Monster, will accompany The White Ravens on some of their new songs.

“My brother and I have lived in Michigan for our entire lives, and a lifetime’s worth of summers spent on the Great Lakes and Michigan’s in-land lakes and rivers have certainly influenced our music. We see that Michigan’s water currently faces many threats, including privatization of our water supply and contamination by industrial pollutants, bacteria, and invasive species.  We decided to do our part to help by raising money for organizations that fight to protect Michigan’s waters.”

–Amy Bennett, singer/bass player, and lyricist of The White Ravens.

Inspired by the mysterious quality of the underwater world, Saddle up the Whales has a watery theme; whales, manatees, bathyspheres, eels (and more whales) all make appearances. In this latest batch of songs, the sea serves as the backdrop for a multitude of scenarios, ranging from the absurd (saddling up and riding marine life), to the strange (mechanical whales), to the creepy (a descent into the deep sea in a bathysphere).

Sounds like fun to us! Please come out to celebrate The White Ravens and support HRWC on Saturday.