The section of the Huron River through Ypsilanti and Ypsilanti Township provides the opportunity to improve awareness of and access to the automotive and labor movement history associated with the era of auto production. HRWC and SmithGroupJJR facilitated local stakeholders in creation of the master plan for this district. The master plan documents seven auto heritage, four commercial, and 14 recreational destinations within the limits of the Automotive Heritage Trail District.

Project Goals:

Visit Ypsilanti
Car Show at Riverside Park, patient Ypsilanti. credit: Visit Ypsilanti

Improve awareness of and access to historic automotive sites and the role of the labor movement – identify sites and develop an interpretive program

Enhance recreational tourism via the Border to Border Trail and Huron River Water Trail – enhance visibility and stimulate interest in these regional resources

Transform the river into a destination – develop content and a promotional message

Provide safe canoe and kayak access/portages – evaluate existing and proposed canoe/kayak facilities

Community development that leverages water assets – Trail Towns approach to realize the economic potential of trails to stimulate local economies

Tour the Trail District via the Summary Report and the detailed Map of the District

Listen to podcasts that tell the stories of the trail

Thank you to our funders:

Austin Memorial Foundation


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