Celebrate Earth Day with HRWC during Ann Arbor’s 2021 Virtual Earth Day Celebration!

Tune into CTN Channel 16 on Sunday, April 25, 1-4 pm for the main program, featuring video presentations submitted by organizations throughout our community. The City of Ann Arbor’s 2021 Earth Day theme of “Restoring the Earth” reminds us of all the hard work local nonprofits and organizations are doing to improve our natural world. Videos will also be available on demand on the CTN YouTube channel.

HRWC submitted two videos: Storytime with Maxi Chanel featuring Super Creatures of the Huron River, and Climate Change and the Huron: What we stand to lose and how we win. Both videos can also be viewed below.

Storytime with Maxi Chanel: Super Creatures of the Huron River!

Starting from the edge of Lake Erie, at the mouth of the Huron River, Gilly the Bluegill fish dreams of swimming 130 miles up the Huron River. His path will be challenging, as many dams will block his way, but Gilly is determined to try! As he begins his adventure, Gilly makes a friend named Lilly. Gilly and Lilly set out to discover what type of creature she is, making friends with many Huron River creatures along the way.  Maxi Chanel, an award-winning local Drag Queen star, hosts this storytime reading. Super Creatures of the Huron River was created by Adlerstein, Berge and Fuller.

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Climate Change and the Huron: What we stand to lose and how we win

Climate change is a global phenomenon with local impacts. Learn what the current and potential consequences of climate change are for the Huron River ecosystem and how the Huron River Watershed Council is working to respond to this threat. Featuring Rebecca Esselman, HRWC’s Executive Director.

Learn more about Climate Change and the Huron River here.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!