The Washtenaw County Conservation District is now offering rain barrels and tumbling composters from Upcycle Products. Each are made from recycled food-grade, high density polyethylene plastic barrels that have been thoroughly cleaned and assembled in the USA. A 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship is included.

See the  Conservation District Products Page for information. Place your order using a form available at the website, then pick-up your barrel or composter at the District Office 2-3 weeks after ordering.

Rain barrels have a screw-on top with holes for water entry and aluminum screen to keep out leaves, debris and mosquitoes. They also include a hose shutoff valve to connect a hose or fill a watering can; an overflow fitting and cap; and a linking fitting and cap to connect additional barrels. They come in several sizes (55-gal, 50-gal, 30-gal) and colors (black, gray, blue, terra-cotta). Prices range from $60-79 depending on size.

Tumbling composters are 55-gallon capacity, black in color with a screw-on top. The composter requires only a 3 ft x 4 ft area and its hip-level design eliminates back strain. It includes a center tube which aerates compost and steel bars which break-up and fluff-up compost during tumbling for better aeration. After a few loads, finished compost can be achieved in as little as four weeks. Assembly is required. Price, $132.

A 5-gallon mini-tumbling composter is also available for use in-between loads of the large composter for $70.

Go to the Conservation District Rain Barrel Page for more details about the rain barrels, accessories, prices, and an order form.

Or see HRWC’s rain barrel page for more information and rain barrel resources.