Saturday, February 25, 10am-12pm
Leslie Science & Nature Center, Ann Arbor


Project Grow is partnering with Maxi Container to bring you A Rain Barrel Workshop! The best way for you to learn how to build a rain barrel is to build one. All materials included. Each participant will walk away with a complete rain barrel with downspout adapter. Click Here to see the materials and instructions.

Cost: $65 for the class w/barrel, $15 suggested donation for the class only.

Project Grow will schedule multiple sessions between 10am and 12pm depending on demand.

Rain Barrel
**These are reconditioned food grade barrels and the appearance may vary from the picture. Workshop is first come first served and you will be able to choose your barrel.**

Rain Barrel Benefits:

  • Rain barrels collect rainwater runoff from rooftops and allow you to direct it to gardens and lawns where it can be infiltrated by plants and soil instead of washing over pavement.
  • Rain barrels  slow the rapid flow of water that enters the Huron during heavy rains, helping to prevent volatile fluctuations that cause erosion
  • When heavy rain and snowmelt wash over your yard and pavement, pollutants such as pet waste, fertilizer, pesticides, motor oil and dirt hitch a ride and head for the Huron River through the nearest storm drain. Unfiltered, untreated!
  • Backup source of water during times of drought or between rain showers
  • Helps to keep our creeks and beaches clean
  • Naturally softened water – great for delicate houseplants, auto cleaning and window washing
  • Saves money by lowering your water bill
  • Reduces the need for additional tax dollars earmarked for sewer expansion
  • Chlorine-free water helps maintain a healthy biotic community in the soil
  • Educational tool for teaching residents about water conservation

See more about Rain Barrels.