Experience the Natural River sections of Huron River this summer with expert paddlers Ron Sell and Barry Lonik.  HRWC is offering guided paddle trips on select Saturdays  in June,   July, August and September. Each trip is 3-4 hours long, and includes discussion regarding that Natural River section, its water ecology, history and unique features.

HRWC will arrange shuttle transportation. Drop off your watercraft at the put in (start of trip location) then take your car and yourself to the take-out (end of trip location). HRWC will pick you up and take you back to the put-in to start the paddle trip. When you finish your paddle trip, your car will be there waiting for you. 

We are offering four trips, each exploring a different Natural River section of the Huron. Do one trip or all four, but bring your own watercraft, gear, food, drinking water and appropriate dress for the weather. Every boat must have flotation devices, and every paddler must wear one.

Exact location of each put-in and take-out will be sent to participants after they register.  Register early because registration is limited to 30 kayaks and or canoes.  To register, contact Margaret Smith,, (734) 769-5123 x 605.

Trips (Put-in time for each trip is 10 AM)
1. June 12, Kent Lake to Placeways
2. July 10, Placeways to Huron Meadows
3. August 14, Portage to Dexter Huron MetroPark
4. September 11, Dexter Huron MetroPark to Maple Road

Keeping river systems natural keeps water clean, habitats humming, and fish jumping. Rivers are some of Southeastern Michigan’s most valuable economic assets. Both Huron River watershed residents and visitors to the Huron River have proven in numerous studies that they prefer to live in, and visit, places that are quiet, open, and full of wildlife.