Monitoring Reports & Plans By Creekshed

Volunteers hunt for stoneflies.

Volunteers hunt for stoneflies.

Fact sheets are a 2 page summary of the current conditions of each creek or river site.  They include a photo, site evaluation, location map, brief history and insect and habitat characteristics.

Creek reports are long reports that include great detail about the history, features, and problems of a creek.

Watershed Management Plans are technical documents that are a requirement of the State of Michigan and the U.S. EPA for communities to be eligible for grant funds through the Clean Water Act.

For earlier reports, go here.

All Creeks

Arms Creekshed

Boyden Creekshed

Chilson Creekshed

Davis Creekshed (including Davis, Greenoak, Walker, South Branch Huron Creeks)

Fleming Creekshed

Hay Creekshed

Honey Creekshed (Livingston County)

Honey Creekshed (Washtenaw County)

Horseshoe Creekshed

Huron Creek

Lower Huron Tributaries (including Port Creek and Bancroft Noles Drain)

Huron River Main Branch

Malletts Creekshed

Mill Creekshed

Millers Creekshed

Norton Creek

Pettibone Creekshed

Portage Creekshed

South Ore Creekshed

Swift Run Creekshed

Traver Creekshed

Woodruff Creekshed (Woodruff and Mann Creeks)

Woods Creekshed


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