This is an index for HRWC’s publications and reports.

Newsletter: HRWC’s quarterly newsletter.

River Reports and Plans: Reports, management plans, monitoring data, and fact sheets specific to a particular tributary system of the Huron (Main Branch, Davis Creek, Fleming Creek, Malletts Creek, Millers Creek, etc).

Annual Reports: HRWC’s annual report containing descriptions of the organization, its accomplishments, and financial information.

The Huron River History Book: Snippets of Huron history, compiled as a part of HRWC’s “Huron RIVERfest ‘93″.

Natural Resource Protection: Links to ordinances and policies you can urge your local government to enact to protect the watershed’s natural areas and natural resources.

Smart Growth Publications: Resources on urban development and sprawl.

Watershed Management Plans: Development of a watershed management plan is a requirement of the State of Michigan and the U.S. EPA for communities to be eligible for grant funds through the Clean Water Act. HRWC facilitates the watershed planning process, and implementation of those plans, throughout the watershed.

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