A print and go walking tour using GIS, for all ages!

Come along with reporter and HRWC volunteer PATRICIA CHARGOT who shares her passion for the Huron River and its many creeks. This family-friendly self-guided print and go tour takes explorers on a deep dive into HRWC’s online watershed map and data to learn about our home river. Suggestions for where to visit in person, art activities and parks where we’ve planted geocaches complete the experience. Just print out the instructions and stick them in your backpack. You’ll also need your cell phone to access our advanced mapping technology.

About Patricia Chargot

Patricia Chargot is a retired Detroit Free Press reporter. She was the senior writer for Yak’s Corner, the paper’s former, prize-winning national news magazine for kids. She is also the author of, “The Adventures of Balto: The Untold Story of Alaska’s Famous Iditarod Sled Dog,” a book for young readers available on Amazon. Pat lives in Ann Arbor. She has two endlessly fascinating 13-year-old painted turtles, which she has raised since they were a month old. The native species is commonly found within the Huron River watershed. More Huron River writings from Pat: Finding Millers Creek; Exploring the Home Waters. 

The Print and Go Huron River Watershed Tour was produced with support from the Middle Huron Partners and the Livingston Watershed Advisory Group, working together to reduce stormwater pollution in the Huron River watershed.