Some of you may not know that the HRWC is well-known throughout the Region for their excellent work in protecting the Huron and the Great Lakes. That’s why I count it an enormous opportunity to work as an intern with them this spring and summer.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Josh Miller, a graduate student at U of M. I’ve been working with Ric Lawson to develop more substantial information about bacterial contamination throughout the watershed. We have developed pages to help residents understand what bacterial contamination is, how it’s measured and why bacteria levels matter. We have also dedicated a page to the typical sources of contamination and what residents can do about it. A quick tip: celebrate Scoop Poop month by grabbing a baggy on your way out the door to walk your pet.

I’ve also been working on a bacterial contamination impairment in Honey Creek that was discovered by the MDEQ and by HRWC volunteer water monitors in recent years. We kicked off the Honey Creek project in November to make a plan for identifying the likely sources of contamination and to develop Honey Creek’s own Watershed Management Plan. In fact, as the study gets underway, we have planned a Stakeholder Meeting for March 29th at 6:00 pm at Scio Township Hall (827 N. Zeeb Rd.). This will give us a chance to present our current knowledge and our strategy for collecting data and developing solutions.  It also gives residents of  Honey Creekshed a chance to provide us with information and to ask questions. If you live or own a business in the creekshed (most residents of Scio Twp), please join us—no invitation required.