Yesterday the Malletts Creek Coordinating Committee was led on a field trip by the City of Ann Arbor’s Nick Hutchinson to the Willard Street porous pavement reconstruction. Porous pavement has many advantages including greatly reduced (if not completely eliminated) stormwater runoff. To see a video of the new pavement in action check out this video:

The MCCC is a formal organization that meets monthly to review projects that have direct or indirect impact on the Malletts Creek. Direct impacts such as the Malletts Creek restoration projects in Mary Beth Doyle and County Farm Parks are part of the committee’s action plans. Indirect impacts such as all development proposals within the creekshed are reviewed and commented on by the committee. Members of the committee are representatives from the City of Ann Arbor, Pittsfield Township, UM, professional environmental consultants, the Malletts Creek Association (citizen group), and HRWC.