The State of Michigan is working through the process of establishing cleanup rules for PFAS in groundwater used as drinking water. Following state procedures, the cleanup rules will use the drinking water standards established in August of 2020.

That’s important for many residents of the Huron River watershed and across Michigan because cleanup rules for PFAS are the only line of defense the state has for protecting private residential wells. If you draw your drinking water from your own well, the state has no authority over it. Even to simply test your well for PFAS, the state would need permission. The drinking water standards apply only to municipal drinking water sources.

The State is holding a public hearing on July 8, 2021 at 2:00 pm regarding the changes to the cleanup rules to include PFAS. The public hearing will be held virtually via Zoom:

The proposed rules will take effect immediately after filing with the Secretary of State. The proposed rules are published on the State of Michigan web site at

Please voice your support for PFAS cleanup rules.

You can also send written comments to:

Kevin Schrems
P.O. Box 30426 Lansing, Michigan 48909-7926

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