Barry Lonik and Mike Penskar enjoy the Huron River

HRWC members have been enjoying a series of fun, relaxing, and educational paddles down the beautiful Huron River this summer. Our  intrepid river guides Barry Lonik, Rob Sell, and HRWC staff have led groups down the river in three legs, starting at Kent Lake, in Oakland County, and so far reaching Dexter Huron Metropark, in Washtenaw County.  The last trip, on September 11, will pick up there and finish near Barton Dam.

The trips have provided a cool respite from the heat of the summer, as well as great encounters with blue herons, kingfishers, kingbirds and hawks over head, turtles basking on logs all along the river, fish of all kinds, and great company and conversation.

Join us on the next and final trip on September 11.

Each trip is 3-4 hours long, and includes discussion regarding that river section, its water ecology, history and unique features. HRWC will arrange shuttle transportation. Bring your own watercraft, gear, food, drinking water and appropriate dress for the weather. Every boat must have flotation devices, and every paddler must wear one. Register with