Eagle This past weekend we set out to paddle down one of the most beautiful sections of the Huron River. Paddling from Baseline Lake (MSC) down to Dexter-Huron Metropark proved to be visually stunning, and full of excitement. The excessive rain that we received last week led to quick currents and high water levels on the river. The excitement didn’t stop there; we were able to see lots of flora and fauna on and along the river. Numerous turtles were seen bathing in the sunlight, we met a dog who wanted to follow us downriver, and most exciting was seeing the Eagle in the photograph to the right.

Initially we wanted to use the take-out at Mill Creek Park near Downtown Dexter. Our river guide, Ron Sell, scouted out the area before the trip and noticed a few log jams that would prevent our movement to the take-out. We tried paddling upstream once we got to Mill Creek to see if it had cleared up, but were forced to turn around due to another larger log jam. We had changed our take-out before the trip to Dexter-Huron Metropark which gave us an extra mile or so of paddling down river; there weren’t any complaints out of our group for extending the trip!

Thanks to all of the participants, staff, and Ron Sell for making this unforgettable trip possible!

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