RiverUp! is a river renaissance.

A vision. A goal. A plan.

RiverUp! is part of a community movement to embrace and celebrate the assets of the Huron River for the benefit of local economies and residents, and conservation of our shared natural heritage. We can’t imagine Ann Arbor without a healthy, vital Huron River. Or Ypsilanti. Or Milford. We have the good fortune to live in splendid communities abundant with natural amenities — none more so than the Huron River.

Yet we stand at critical point in the life of this incredible resource. We can be indifferent, taking for granted that a healthy Huron will always be there, meandering along its 100-mile length through five counties. Or we can seize the opportunity to ensure that the Huron River is ready to enjoy for today’s and tomorrow’s children.

RiverUp! is our answer to Congressman John D. Dingell’s call for the development and implementation of a substantive plan for the Huron River’s future. HRWC, along with a core group of community and business leaders recently began to formulate a strategy to realize the goal of a vibrant, robust and fully restored river – a destination for residents and tourists.

RiverUp! has three long-term objectives:

  • FixUp! by investing in recreation infrastructure
  • CleanUp! by improving the ecological health of the river
  • BuildUp! by facing our communities toward the river and transform the river corridor into a premier destination

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Contact Elizabeth Riggs, RiverUp! Director, for more information.

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