A local stream shows signs of distress from upstream development

We’re making it easy for you to see where the water quality problems are in the watershed with a new interactive map. The map shows the lakes, ponds, streams and parts of the Huron River that do not meet Michigan Water Quality Standards. You can click on the water body to view its MDNRE listing. The listing will provide the impairment, pollutant, size of water body and TMDL schedule. Also, you can learn more about how MDNRE assesses the health of Michigan waters.

The Clean Water Act requires Michigan to assess the health of its water resources every two years as a means of conveying water quality protection and monitoring information to the EPA and Congress. In our watershed the most common pollutants found are excessive phosphorus, PCBs and mercury. However, pollutants such as E. coli, flow alterations, sedimentation/siltation, and dissolved oxygen warrant water bodies to be placed on the list.

Many of the projects that HRWC works on are focused on areas that have appeared on this list previously.

Check out the map here!