photo credit: John Lloyd
photo credit: John Lloyd

Read the latest edition of our bi-weekly roundup of headlines that have caught our eye.

The first three articles tackle aspects of pollution—a new threat and two ways you can help reduce pollution to our rivers and lakes. Also read about one high school student’s experience as an HRWC volunteer and about Ypsilanti’s efforts to protect the Huron through a master plan revision.

Smart Lakefront Plants  How can you make your shoreline work for you and help keep lakes and rivers clean?  This article by a Michigan State University Extension agent provides guidance on naturalizing shorelines with native plants that help filter pollutants and protect shorelines.

Are Rain Gardens Mini Toxic Cleanup Sites?  If you would like to learn more about the intricacies of how rain gardens work and what they accomplish, give this blog a read.  It provides an in depth look at rain gardens in their role in pollution clean-up and helps address concerns about perceived risks to pets and humans.

Study: Triclosan Increasing in Lakes. Triclosan is a common ingredient in antibacterial soaps and it is showing up in waterbodies in the Great Lakes.  Scientists are uncovering early evidence of adverse effects of this chemical to algae.  The Food and Drug Administration says there is no evidence these soaps work any better than regular soap and water for keeping us healthy. FDA is also looking into hazards to human health and its contribution to creating resistant strains of bacteria.

My Experience: Huron River Water Council Volunteer Opportunities  Here at HRWC, we go out of our way to make our volunteer experiences enjoyable and beneficial to our volunteers. Volunteers help us accomplish so much of our work each year, it is invaluable.  So it is nice to see one of our recent volunteers share her experience in this contribution to  If you have not volunteered with us before and would like to, visit our volunteer page for opportunities to help protect the Huron River.

Ypsilanti master plan, zoning ordinance update to target land use, transportation and sustainability.  The Huron River is one of the priorities to address with Ypsilanti’s new master plan.  The master plan and ordinance development will include public input.  If you are an Ypsilanti resident, help speak up for the river, its protection and sustainable use by engaging in this process.

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