Snowy Owl. Photo credit: Zak Pohlen. Creative Commons.
Snowy Owl. Photo credit: Zak Pohlen. Creative Commons.

Winter, without a doubt, is upon us.  And after a major ice storm and the polar vortex hitting our area, the weather and water are making headlines. Read a couple of pieces on the polar vortex, what it is and what responses it provoked.  Also, a lovely winter resident, the Snowy Owl, is making a little trouble for air travel.  Read a local article on new substances showing up in our drinking water and a national article chronicling some major issues facing our water supply and where technology made hold the solution.

U.S. Cold Snap Inspires Climate Change Denial, While Scientists See Little Room for Doubt  The Polar Vortex sure did a lot to spark conversation about Global Warming.  This article shares why cold weather and a warmer climate are not mutually exclusive.

The Polar Vortex Explained in 2 Minutes  And speaking of the Polar Vortex…what is such a thing anyway?  This short video explains the phenomenon for those of us that do not spend our days thinking about jet streams, pressure systems and temperature differentials.

Why airports look like home to snowy owls Detroit Metro Airport is landing more than planes these days.  This winter has been a bumper year for the Snowy Owl, a sometimes winter resident of southeast Michigan.  They are a welcome sight but pose a particular challenge at airports.

What should we do about the trace chemicals found in drinking water? Recent testing found 19 different drugs in the water used for Ann Arbor’s drinking water, of which, only 8 were filtered out during treatment.  What does this mean for our health and the health of aquatic organisms?  Listen to this report to find out more.

EPA’s Top 10 Technology Needs For Water Nutrient, sediment, and bacterial pollution, aging infrastructure, inefficiencies in water use and climate change all strain the nation’s water supply. This article shares what the Environmental Protection Agency deems the top ten water issues that could benefit from technological solutions.