Check out the latest edition of our bi-weekly roundup of headlines that have caught our eye.  Read about a potential new invader and an exciting redevelopment prospect for Ypsilanti.  Consider taking a walk for some inspiration, find or reading one of ten top recommended books on sustainability.

Round goby, an invasive fish, appears to be making way up Rouge River in southeast Michigan
If gobies can make it up the Rouge, they can make it up the Huron—at  least until they hit Flat Rock and stub their noses on the dam. But this makes us curious if gobies are hanging out at the lower end of the Huron River and wreaking the havoc they tend to do.  Has anyone from downriver seen evidence of gobies? Please let us know if you do.

Former Ypsilanti landfill could be site of $4M DTE Energy solar project
A solar energy company and DTE are proposing the installation of a large solar array on a retired landfill site in Ypsilanti.   There are several steps that have to occur before this project becomes a reality but it is a great example of redevelopment.  Utilizing an otherwise unusable piece of property to generate power and revenue for the city seems like a really cool idea to us.

Hiking in nature increases creativity
Next time you feel you are lacking some inspiration.  Take a walk.  A long walk.  Without a phone.  In one of the many natural areas in the Huron River watershed.   Spending time outdoors in natural places has many known benefits.  A boost to your creativity can now be added to that list.  And we would venture a guess that a nice long paddle down the river would accomplish that same boost.  Bundle up and give it a try.

10 Great Sustainability Books to Give as Gifts
Still looking for that perfect gift for someone?  This blog summarizes 10 stellar books on topics related to sustainability by some of the heaviest hitters in the field.

News to Us will be taking a brief hiatus for the holidays.  Look for the next issue mid January.  Have a wonderful holiday season!

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