Here it is! Your opportunity to learn about using native plants in your landscape at the height of the season.

Utilizing native plants in your yard can add a great deal of beauty as well as help the environment. Blue Flag Iris

Our friends at the Huron Arbor Cluster of the Stewardship Network are hosting a series of classes on Wednesday evenings (7-9pm) in August (Aug 3-31) at the Leslie Science & Nature Center in Ann Arbor, taught by five local experts.

It’s a native plant extravaganza with each class covering such topics as the benefits of native plants; how to plan well for the easiest installation; about all the wonderful choices you have with native plants; how rainwater gardening can be beautiful, ecological, and economical; and what maintenance you will need to plan for and keep your new gardens beautiful!

You can REGISTER for individual classes $10/15 each  or the whole series $40/60 (discount if you are a member of the Stewardship Network).

I took this series of classes when they were offered a few years ago in March and they were AMAZING! The experts were incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic and shared some terrific resources. If you have any inkling of trying native plants in your garden, or creating a rain garden, you really don’t want to miss this.

Learn more about NATIVE PLANTS or RAIN GARDENS from HRWC.