Spring is on its way, and soon teams of volunteer field assessors for HRWC’s Bioreserve Project will be fanning out across the watershed, cataloging plants and scoring ecosystem values on natural areas deemed important for the Huron watershed’s health.  As part of these assessments, assessors identify all the wildflowers, trees, shrubs, and grasses/sedges they encounter;  we have listed over 700 different species of plants inhabiting the wetlands, forests, and fields in the watershed.  However, we also encounter some mystery plants — plants we have not been able to identify.  Here are some that have really been bugging us!

If you enjoy the outdoors, field botany, and helping out HRWC, sign up for our Bioreserve Field Assessment training, May 12, at Independence Lake Park, in Webster Township, Washtenaw County.  After a half day training, you can sign up to join teams doing assessments throughout the watershed this spring, summer, and fall.

Can you identify these mystery plants?

Assessors found this plant growing in the Huron's floodplain in South Rockwood.
Assessors found this possible orchid(?) in a wet meadow in Sharon Townhip.
A sunflower, perhaps, of some kind? Also in Sharon Township.