Planting a Grow Zone in Lower Huron
Planting a Grow Zone in Lower Huron

At a Grow Zone Maintenance Workshop in Flat Rock

Have you worked with native Michigan plants or been involved in a project to plant a native garden? If so, you know the value of using native plants:  their deep, “thirsty” roots help retain water on your site and filter out the pollutants in runoff; they help stabilize soils and prevent erosion; and they are beautiful!

Working with native plants can initially be a challenge. Standard practices like mowing are not used and unwanted non-native weeds can find their way in to compete with the natives. Proper maintenance is needed to give your native garden, grow zone or rain garden the good start it needs to thrive.

The Alliance of Downriver Watersheds is hosting an informal workshop to provide some guidance with maintenance of native Grow Zones. Participants will receive basic instruction, tour the two Grow Zone areas in the park, identify problems and gain hands on experience with maintenance. Please come prepared to work outside and bring gardening basics: gloves, hand tools, etc.

Grow Zone Maintenance Workshop

Tuesday, September 27

1 – 3:30 PM

Huroc Park in Flat Rock

28700 Arsenal Rd

Flat Rock, MI 48134

(meet at the Gazebo)

The workshop is open to all. There is no need to register, but let us know if you plan to attend by emailing Ric Lawson at HRWC.

Visit the Alliance of Downriver Watersheds website for more information about Grow Zones and other projects to improve the water resources in downriver communities.

This workshop has been funded in part through the Michigan Nonpoint Source Program by the US EPA under assistance agreement C9975474.