Swimming and Paddling and Huron River Day!

Sunday July 17 started at Michigan Sail Club on Baseline Lake in Dexter with paddlers and swimmers tackling the task of swimming from Washtenaw County to Livingston County and back.  A one mile open water swim all in under an hour. We had 25 swimmers and 11 paddlers on the  lake by 9 a.m., and the water was perfect. What a great experience to be in open water on a beautiful lake swimming, without the worries of power boats, thanks to the Marine Sherriff and the paddlers. Thanks to Liz Elling, Melinda Colquitt, Suzanne Van Appledorn and Donna Snyder for all their help organizing the swim.

As the temperatures climbed here in Ann Arbor, we managed to beat the heat by enjoying the annual Huron River Day festivities.  HRWC partnered with REI’s knowledgeable staff who navigated the Gallup Park waters and gave instruction to participants in kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards.  Those that tried their hand at the different watercraft spanned the ages of 6 to 65 and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  REI did an excellent job of teaching participants basic strokes and building their confidence on the water.  REI Ann Arbor

Thank you to Cheryl Saam and  Gallup Livery or providing the watercraft free of charge to those who came out.