Thursday, sovaldi March 4, 7pm

 If you had five minutes on stage in front of 200 people what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds?

Elizabeth Riggs, HRWC Watershed Planner and Ann Arbor Igniter

We’ll get to hear HRWC Watershed Planner Elizabeth Riggs’ take in “Leave Some for the Fish” at Ignite Ann Arbor on Thursday, March 4, 7pm at the Ross School of Business, Blau Auditorium.  The event is free, but attendees need to RSVP in advance at Ignite Ann Arbor.  Doors open at 6:30pm.

 Ignite was started in Seattle in 2006.  It’s a chance for people who are passionate about something to share it with others.  Since then hundreds of five minute talks have been given across the world.  During this first week in March, designated “Global Ignite Week,” igniters on six continents have answered the call, signing up to speak in nearly 60 cities.  Elizabeth will be one of 17 speakers sharing their passion here at the Ann Arbor event.

 We here on staff at HRWC already know that Elizabeth cares deeply about the Huron River and water protection.  We also know she gives mighty good talks. Now is your chance to know it too!