Another beautiful day on the Huron!

Last Saturday’s HRWC recreational paddle group was an intreped bunch with participants whose ages spanned from 7 to, well, shall we say older than 7?  The water flow was perfect as the 10 watercraft began their expedition just below Geddes Dam in Ann Arbor en route to Frog Island Park in Ypsilanti.

Behind the competent  guide skills of Barry Lonik we navigated the 6 mile route with ease.  City ornithologist, Dea Armstrong, kept us informed along the way about the winged species that we encountered.

After 3 hours on the water and a few stops for a rest and lunch we arrived at our destination after navigating some swifter currents below Penninsula Dam.  The heat got the best of us along the way and we were forced to visit the Corner Brewery just one block from our take-out point after we secured our canoes and kayaks to the top of our cars. It was a fantastic finish to a leisurely day on the breathtaking Huron River.

If you are interested in joining an upcoming paddle trip, please visit our summer recreational events page and contact Mel Ring to register.

See you on the river!