Expanded project scopes and services require a new space

HRWC New Headquarters
HRWC is creating a new headquarters in downtown Ann Arbor.

The Huron River Watershed Council is recognized as a thought leader and innovative actor. To build on our successes while addressing the increasing number of critical environmental issues facing the watershed, we have expanded the scope of our projects and services. With your support, we continue to create programs that mitigate the impacts of climate change and mentor the next generations that will protect the Huron. You have helped us collect 30 years of bug and water samples that guide our day-to-day restoration work. As we have grown, so have our needs.

To achieve the impact envisioned by our ambitious strategic plan, we will need to expand our staff and expertise. This year, HRWC will move to a new home, which will support deeper investments in river protection. The Phoenix West building in downtown Ann Arbor will allow us to better collaborate, recruit and retain talent, host events, support internships and volunteer programs, and conduct science. For the first time in our 57-year history, we will have an onsite lab to process the bug and water samples that enable us to truly understand the health of our river.

HRWC Headquarters
A nature-inspired mural on the south side of 117 N. First Street.

Our new location is also more accessible. Our team, volunteers, partners, and interns will be able to walk, bike, or bus to work, decreasing our carbon footprint and creating a more inclusive workplace. Maintaining a healthy river and clean water is not a one-time event; it’s ongoing work. Your support has fueled our success and growth over the last 50 years. We cannot wait to collaborate with you over the next 50 years in our new home!

Stay tuned for announcements and an invitation to tour our new space. In the meantime, join the fun! Help us build a lab in the new headquarters for the Huron by donating today!

This blog post was originally published in the Huron River Report, Summer 2022.