Round 1 of the Sweet 15 event has begun!  Facebook users are invited to “Like” Bank of Ann Arbor’s Facebook page and then vote for a favorite charity from the long list of local charities, including HRWC.  On April 12, 2011 Round 1 ends and the votes are tallied.  The top 15 vote-getting charities will advance to Round 2 where they can receive a share of up to $75,000.

You can vote for HRWC once a day until April 12,

The Sweet 15 Local Charity Drive combines Bank of Ann Arbor’s long time support for the non-profit community with the celebration of its 15-year anniversary.  Using a specially developed Facebook application, Bank of Ann Arbor expects to harness the power of social media to involve thousands in our community to help direct funds to local nonprofits.

Get a pdf of the contest description and answers to frequently asked questions HERE.