What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day this year?  Here at HRWC we’ve got a few things going on.

160 volunteers who registered with us in advance will be heading out to 58 sites to conduct stream monitoring on the Huron for  Saturday’s River RoundUp.

We’ll determine our garden’s optimal fertilizer needs (if any) by having our soil samples tested, delivering them on Saturday from 9am until 3pm to the Soil Testing Program at participating retailers in Washtenaw or Oakland Counties.

And of course we will be Recycling our E-Waste by dropping it off at Pioneer High School on Saturday from 9am until 2pm.

On Sunday, from Noon until 4pm we’ll be celebrating “family style” at the Earth Day Festival at Washtenaw Community College.

And just to remind ourselves of what we can do at home to help take care of our fresh water resources, well check out helpful tips on the HRWC website for capturing rainwater and preventing water pollution.  Because Small Actions Make a Big Difference!

And with that, we wish each of you and the Huron River a “Happy Earth Day!”

Let us know in a “Reply” to this post, what you are doing to celebrate Earth Day.