On Saturdays throughout April, the Michigan State University Extension will test your soil samples for $15 per sample.  Take your samples to one of these participating retailers 9am-3pm on April 3, 10, 17 or 24:

  • Ace Barnes Hardware, 2105 W. Stadium, Ann Arbor
  • Dexter Mill 3515 Central, Dexter
  • Downtown Home & Garden, 210 S. Ashely, Ann Arbor
  • Famer’s Supply, 122 Jackson Street, Chelsea
  • Saline Town & Country, 733 W. Michigan Ave, Saline
  • Willis Mill, 10200 Railroad, Willis

Get program details and  instructions here to learn how to collect your sample.  Test results will be mailed to you in time for spring planting.

Protect the Huron River from pollution by preventing the unecessary application of fertilizers that can wash into our local waterways.  Soil testing determines what nutrients your soil needs for your lawn and garden’s optimum health and growth.

If you are unable to test your soil, you should know that phosphorus is generally abundant in the soils of southeast Michigan.  Choosing phosphorus-free fertilizer for your lawn is one way to protect the Huron River.  See our brochure on going phosphorus-free for more information.