March 4, 2021 all-day

Sagan works logoTired of Zoom calls? We’ve got a surprise for you—a brand new virtual gathering space! Thanks to the generosity of Saganworks we will host our month-long River Givers celebration in a 3D learning environment that you can move through and explore using your web browser.

On March 4, we will launch our first Snap-talk of the month, featuring HRWC’s Daniel A. Brown, Watershed Planner:

The Huron River has survived a history of mistreatment and experienced a renaissance. Communities have learned to value their home river as an indispensable natural resource, a refuge for recreation, and an economic asset. The Huron River Water trail is at the center of this effort. It connects people to the river. It intersects major land trails, and traverses some of the largest tracts of protected land in southeast Michigan. The ecosystem is still fragile, however. Recreation and emerging threats will require us all to be stewards for the river and to speak on its behalf.

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