Unwind after a day on the river and help protect the Huron with a custom cocktail from the Ann Arbor Distilling Company!

HRWC has partnered with the Ann Arbor Distilling Company on a cocktail to go. The refreshing Raspberry Bee’s Knees is made with ARBOR Summer Gin, raspberry liqueur, lemon, rosemary, and honey.

A portion of the sales will directly support the Huron River Water Trail. The 104-mile trail starts at Proud Lake and makes its way to Lake Erie traveling through the trail towns of Milford, Dexter, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Flat Rock. Over 125,000 unique recreational users enjoy the river corridor annually, with use of the water trail surging by more than 77 percent above that since the onset of COVID-19. The Water Trail is a project of HRWC and is managed by a consortium of interested groups and communities.

For Huron River Water Trail information, including kayak and canoe rental outfitters, recommended river trips, camping and more go to HuronRiverWaterTrail.org.

The canned cocktails are available in 4-packs. Each can contains roughly two cocktails. For a delicious drink, we suggest shaking and pouring the Raspberry Bee’s Knees over ice or topping it off with club soda. Purchase yours in person at Ann Arbor Distilling Company or order ahead online for pick up.

Please drink responsibly—driving, boating, and paddling when impaired is dangerous.

Follow the laws and rules where you are—alcohol is prohibited in most parks and public places.

Leave no trace and dispose of waste properly—recycle your cans!