Kermit Jones and Jacob Pilachowski's cleanup success

River Cleanups

This Sunday HRWC and Schultz Outfitters hosted river cleanups near Dexter, in Ypsilanti and south of South Rockwood. A couple dozen volunteers hauled out an impressive amount of garbage. Special thanks to Kermit Jones and Mike Schultz for their coordination; HCMA, City of Ypsilanti, Lakepointe Marina, South Rockwood, A&J Maintenance, and Rockwood Family Restaurant for hauling away garbage; Skips Canoe Livery for hauling people around; and REI for financial support.

Arthur Denys' and his trash

Ypsi cleanup = WOW

Educator Training

Tuesday morning started off soggy, cool, and breezy, but our new education program volunteers stuck out the weather and we all learned a lot from each other. This training adds 40% more volunteers to this program which brings HRWC’s expertise and mission to local schools. Thanks to TOYOTA for their financial support of this program.

Dave Wilson "teaching" Temperature
Lee Burton at the Stream Velocity station
Korinne Wotell & Mary Lynn Thompson teaching Streams as Homes