Welcome to the second of our regular updates to HRWC’s Change Makers.

Change Makers are residents who have chosen to become a voice for the Huron River and its watershed by becoming involved in their local governments to encourage watershed-friendly land use planning and practices.

Monthly update imageYpsilanti Township 2040: Ypsilanti Township 2040 will create a shared vision for the future of the township. The process will result in three plans: the Master Plan, the Parks, Recreation Plan/Non-Motorized Plan and a new and improved Zoning Ordinance. These documents will reflect the recreation, arts, shopping, housing, agriculture, jobs, transportation, etc. to be developed in Ypsilanti Township by the year 2040.

      • The City of Dexter: revising its master plan. They have held a workshop and on their web page’s interactive map you can share your thoughts and comments on what you think should be preserved, improved and/or changed in Dexter.
      • Northfield Township: revising its master plan. They held a workshop in October, and there will be further opportunities to provide input. Keep your eye on the township and this web page for more news.
      • Village of Pinckney: They need a new trustee! Here’s your chance to become a true Change Maker and chief Decision Maker in your community, without going through an election campaign! The Village Council will need to make one Trustee appointment as the ballot had one open position.
      • Wixom: revising its master plan. The proposed Master Plan includes a number of revisions, including updates to the Future Land Use Plan for the former Ford Wixom Assembly Plant property and frontage property on the east side of Wixom Road. Contact the city for more details.
      • Hamburg Township: revising its master plan. You can review the current master plan, find out about their review process, and leave comments at the linked website above.
      • Michigan State University: Citizen Planner.  This program teaches you all about master planning and zoning.  They have an online class coming up January 15 – 31.
      • Village of Milford: Here is an article about interest in development in downtown Milford. “As opposed to development patterns in the past, ….[people] are looking to locate in a walkable community with nearby amenities such as restaurants, bike paths and the Huron River.” –Ann Barnette, Milford downtown development authority director.
      • Let us know if there are any particular topics about local governments and water quality you would like us to focus on for our “Advanced Trainings”

Thank you!

Kris and Jason
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